Friday, June 24, 2011

Old Fridge, New Look

My fridge doesn't match my stove. It's a puky yellow color. And one of the handles is missing a part, so it cuts me if I move wrong near it.

I saw a neat redo of Shoestring Pavilion's fridge and thought, hey, I didn't know there were a variety of colors of contact paper. So, to Amazon I went. Wow. There's a lot.
So I used my cashed in Swagbucks and got Virtu Black Contact Paper.

When it came, I had a couple false starts, finding out it was better to go from top to bottom to match two pieces than three pieces horizontally. I removed the handles and now open the fridge by pulling at the top. Bonus is that my kids can't open the fridge, haha!

I'm very happy with it!


The butterflies are magnets that were a gift.